Although living life with one eye closed (aka Photography) is one of my biggest passions, the rumors are true: I have at least one more. One that began over 15 years ago in front of a Gateway PC. (Moo.)

That summer I was bored out of my gourd and my mom had just gotten herself a desktop computer, which she strategically placed in the dining room for all to admire. I soon began surfing avidly, and became curious with how websites were built. With burgeoning interest, I decided I wanted one of my own! I began my very first website on Angelfire (#throwback), where some preferred Geocities. It wasn’t long before I was looking at codes, playing with Photoshop, and otherwise “wasting time” clogging the home phone line (remember dial-up?) with my online presence.

Fast forward to today where Web Design/Development make up another big part of my life and my business; a part I am not only proud of, but supremely thankful for, because it enables me to help others express themselves in an often cookie cutter, expressionless world. The Gateway PC is long gone by now. In fact, I now operate an iMac, a laptop, an iPhone, and an iPad. (Because I need to cross-reference and make sure we’re getting it right on all platforms, of course.) I feel very blessed to be able to help people establish an honest, creative, expressive, and functional presence online.

Actor’s Websites begin at $200!* Contact me at to discuss your new website!

*Up to 4 pages. Limited Time Only.