As a courtesy to possible future clients, I am discussing my RAW image policy and some information about why this may actually benefit you. Please take a moment to read and consider this policy before booking your session with me.

First things first: I shoot “RAW”. It is a setting that I have selected on my high-end digital camera that enables me to capture you through whichever lens I choose in the equivalent of a film negative. In the digital world, our cameras are capable of processing the photograph as it’s taken (aka: JPG). That sounds great, right? Not so much, actually. The camera decided for me.  This gives me far less room to make any adjustments and makes it incredibly more difficult and time consuming once the photo has been selected for retouching or print.

1. Why do you shoot RAW?
Well, let’s say you look absolutely wonderful in the photograph – it’s your favorite image from the session! But the lighting just isn’t quite there, or your eyes are a little out of focus, and the background needs a little work. If I had shot you in JPG, it would be nearly impossible to make the image look print quality, no matter how much I retouch it. However, by shooting RAW, I am capable of quickly and easily adjusting the image without damaging or sacrificing the quality. I can make it near perfect.

2. But why can’t I have my RAW images for someone else to retouch?
Because if you’re like most of my clients, you’re excited to share your images with the world! And I’m excited for you, too. But my style is my own, and my name and reputation are attached to those photographs. So, when you fire off images that are less than my standard, it reflects badly on me.

And because RAW photographs are incredibly large. A single session can easily eat up 5 DVDs worth of space, and take HOURS to proof and burn.

3. Can I have a disc of high-res JPG images?
It takes hours to process a single session’s RAW file, convert them into JPG, and burn them to DVDs. I also can’t perform other functions in Photoshop while I’m doing this, so unless you want to pay for the time it takes me to not only process YOUR files, but neglect my other clients files in the process, it ain’t happening.

Bottom line? You want your images fast. Well, then help me help you by allowing me to shoot RAW, so that I can more efficiently process your photos, and give you the best quality images.