Hillary Campbell

Photo by Ty Watkins

Photo by Ty Watkins

I am a professional, and your session will result in very effective marketing tools (aka: headshots)… but I think you’ll find, I’m also a fun gal! I really like taking pictures of actors, and I have invested a great deal behind and in front of the camera, working toward being not only a good photographer, but one who understands what you really need and can provide you with images that will literally transform your career. (And you’ll like them, too.)

My father was a photographer, but he was much better with nature and still life. My grandfather was also a photographer, but his passion was in travel and in capturing the lives of people in other places and cultures. Both were instrumental in affecting my eventual move toward photography as a career. I started out doing photo retouching, but thanks to their expertise and encouragement, putting myself behind the lens was a very natural transition.

I love working one-on-one with people; especially those who are in active pursuit of a dream such as acting or music. The entertainment industry can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate, and part of my job and desire as part of this business is to make it much simpler and less stressful for both the beginning and established artist. That’s why I take great pride in providing my actors with headshot sessions that are 100% painless – relaxed and comfortable, fun, and incredibly effective. From start to finish you’ll experience the freedom to be both yourself and whatever character you may want to portray, and you will see images that bring new life and variety to the old standard.

I can take your pictures with a professional high quality 35mm film or digital camera, and I prefer to use natural light, especially for actor headshots. I do have multiple types of backdrops at my disposal, including solid color fabrics as well as busier natural textures. I’ll quote my favorite movies and ask you about yours. We’ll get to know each other quite well! I am also a whiz with Photoshop. I have a few lenses in my bag, a few tricks up my sleeve, and I can’t wait to work with you!

Please check out my web design/photography portfolio at HILLARYCAMPBELL.COM